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W3 Affinity recognized as top small business SEO company & local SEO company

Located in Virginia, we are a competitive digital marketing agency…
content marketing

5 Reasons You Need a Constant Flow of Content

The content you post online tells a story about your brand. By…

Why Clutch is an Important Resource for Businesses

When we finally put aside the time to do our own marketing (the…
Link Building

Tips to Build Links

Still a major practice today is the act of Link Building. We…

3 Pro Tips for Social Media Management

Tip 1 We've entered 2019 getting deep into our social media…
Top Ecommerce SEO Company

W3 Affinity Achieves Excellence in eCommerce SEO Services!

W3 Affinity is proud to announce that we have been featured on…

W3 Affinity Rises to the Top on Clutch.co!

With 15 years of experience, 300+ clients served, and a 30% average…
woocommerce vs shopify

WooCommerce vs Shopify [Business Owner vs Developer]

WooCommerce vs Shopify I wanted to approach this topic from…
On-site SEO

The Second Step for SEO: On-Page Optimization, Part 2

Alright, you're likely reading this because you've read part…
Improve User Experience

Design for the User

You've probably read virtually every beginners guide to SEO there…
What is Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manger & why do I need it?

Simply put, this is a tool provided by Google that allows you…
How much does web design cost?

Cost of Web Development

Every business needs a website, whether you're small or large,…
Local Search SEO

[Step-by-Step Guide] to Local SEO

Get ready. If you own a local business or do marketing for one,…
Do I need a website

Do I Need a Website?

In short - Yes, every business needs a website. We'll get…
on page seo

The Second Step for SEO: On-Page Optimization, Part 1

You've done as much research as you possibly can and now it's…

Shopify for eCommerce

;gtgl;3rt0Getting into eCommerce has never been so... fulfilling!…
SEO Research

The First Step for SEO: Research

Just like any task, preparation can make or break your strategy.…