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So, it is well into the new year, and I can almost hear the pain killer bottles being shaken vigorously.

Not because of the celebratory hangovers, but all social media managers’ brains around the world starting to fire up.

What’s it going to be this year? Who’s in and Who’s out

Is it cause to break a sweat? Maybe, but there is an upside.

It’s exciting to think that this year may bring about concepts, and leaders that we never ever thought about.

At the end of the day, when we turn on our social media ears, a lot can be learned. The key is to be prepared and to have an open mind to tackling the emerging trends and making them work.

Don’t forget Social media, (love it or hate it) is the best vehicle for connecting your business to potential customers and keeping existing ones closer.

Let’s look at some that seem to want to take off in 2022. Some we know and some we need to simply pay more attention to.

Podcast Your Way to More Social Media Customers

The popularity of a podcast has grown, with many asking why.

What’s the draw?

A podcast can reach many people on a variety of the simplest of topics.

How people feel, what they are experiencing is welcomed by a large section of the population.

Your customers included.

More intimate than radio and not as in your face as regular media, podcasts allow you to put on headphones and simply hear people talk.

Real people.

Considering it? So, what should you talk about in our podcast?

How about interviews with those relevant to the industry? People would love to hear the names behind your organization and what makes them tick.

This is on-demand marketing at its best. Non-combative, direct to audience marketing that is here to stay beyond 2022.

The Rise and Rise of TikTok

User-created is an exciting term and is exactly what TikTok is all about. What does it mean for business? Less spend and essentially a free advertising burst, should your product receive the right attention.

The viral nature of this particular social media is probably the most exciting, but the scariest at the same time. This is fast-paced for good reason. It captures an audience quickly but keeps them entertained for longer. Businesses are using this platform very successfully via a sponsor to boost product visibility.

If you are trying to appeal to a younger market, you might be surprised to know about 70 percent who use the App are between 13yrs and 24 yrs., with a whopping 42 percent between the ages of 18 and 24.

The tricky thing. This is a free fall all which can be scary for marketers. People can do anything at any time with your brand. Generally, it is done creatively, but there’s always that edge of reason.

That’s a good thing. Keeps everyone on their toes.

Influence Me on Social Media

Hot on Tik Tok’s heels and kind of like best friends comes the Influencer Market

No -one would have ever predicted that certain personalities would rise from social media oblivion to becoming some of the highest-paid promotors of product in history.

But the thing is, it makes a lot of sense.

This kind of marketing is cheaper, more effective, and more entertaining than regular types of paid media advertising.

Having a few small influencers can generate millions of views, and hence more interest in a product. The fact remains that people listen to people.

Consumers love trends and will continue to look at what their favorite people are using and buying.

Figuring out who will be the next biggest influencer is the golden key to all Influencer strategies.

Customer Service Rules

This one is arguable as a major player in a 2022 social media trend, but these days, people expect a certain level of treatment.

A fast and furious audience wants interaction of the same kind.

The key?

Reach your audience with personal messaging via social media. Replying to queries, concerns and general interest is essential in a 2022 business strategy,

If you think you have it down pat, continue to improve how you communicate. Invite feedback, and don’t be afraid to exchange ideas with your audience.

It will only help secure your business and your reputation.

Customer service has become as important as the product itself.

Why Should We Care?

I can hear it now. Should we even care about the trends? Aren’t they hard to predict?

It’s a fair question.

What we can take from occurrences in the past is extremely valuable for the future. Who knew that sitting around at a desk talking about your kid’s school shoes, and car preferences would ever be a “thing” Podcasts are now out there making people take notice.

Here’s another example, just to get the nay-sayers riled up.

You know the saying, everything old is new again. That has some merit and has seen retro influencing dominate the furniture, vintage clothing, and property markets in the recent past. Mid-century, you have a lot of explaining to do.

The point? You should never say never.


So, do these trends all tie in together? In a way, yes, they do.

They are all collaborative efforts.

To connect and entertain with a view to a greater understanding of your business. That translates to return customers and new ones introduced through the world of social media.

Need help with your marketing strategy? Contact us for the best path to have your target audience wanting more.

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