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Analytics can tell us many things, no matter what aspect of a business. They allow us to review and see if our efforts have been successful, and if not, where we may need to tweak things a little.

You know the old saying a mirror doesn’t lie? Neither to analytics. They will tell you in no uncertain terms that your butt looks big in that dress.

Now, if you combine web and digital marketing analysis, you have yourself one powerhouse of information. What’s the point?  To take what your analytics are telling you and then turn those results into measurable outcomes.

It’s time to use it to your advantage.

So, just what are your analytics telling you? Start with these.

Low Sales Rate

Low Sales Conversion Rate

Conversions mean money for your business. When analytics show your visitor to sales rate isn’t so great, it’s time to ask why.

Sales to conversion rates will usually apply to website sales, but it could be for any communications you’re putting out there. You may be looking to increase sales from email CTA’s or new newsletter subscribers. Ultimately the results will show the same thing.

No follow-through.

A lackluster result shows you that your visitor levels aren’t seeing cohesion. There always needs to be a working team between your digital messaging, your site, and your customer service.

Connect more with your audience through your forms of digital marketing. Work on building trust and most certainly make it easy for people to purchase.

Knowing who to ask is just as important as having the analytics speak to you.

Assistance is at the ready, so if you’re not sure where to go, ask a professional.

Low or No Social Voice

Optimizing your social media presence is critical for today’s business, regardless of industry.


Because people talk to people, social media is the new Word of Mouth.

If results show not many people mention your name or products, your presence may need a wash, wax, and polish.

So, what can you do?

Have a goal. Maybe improving your site’s blog or direct mail messages to be more exciting, even a bit quirky and alluring.

Your goal may be to attract influencers or leaders of the industry to interview to snare a few more targets you know appreciate real-life experiences and conversations.

Should you care?

It’s all about utilizing everything you can to ensure your brand becomes forefront (or close to) in your follower’s minds.

Having relevant social media posts, meaningful and direct interactions with customers and potential ones builds trust.

If others speak of you favorably, others will follow. It’s a simple equation, but one that works and will continue to do so.

No Traffic to Your Site?

Visitors mean potential. Potential for sales, the potential for engagement, and the potential to create long-lasting customers.

So, what if numbers have fallen?

The first place to look is your site itself. The User Experience is everything for potential traffic. If your site is too hard to navigate, people drop out. If action buttons don’t work or lead to parts unknown, you will have frustration on your hands that is hard to wash off.

There is far too much choice out there for people to waste their lunchtime on a site that doesn’t care enough to put visitors first.

You may need to change it, and quickly. Be honest and realistic and ask others that have nothing to do with your business. People love to tell you what’s wrong, and you’ll come to appreciate it.

It is essential to keep up maintenance on your site. This is not a set-and-forget thing.

Broken links, slow to load, not mobile device friendly, all share top billing. If you don’t know how to fix it, seek an expert on all things UX.

Remember what happens if you don’t water that houseplant occasionally. Some consider it murder, you know.

What Else Should I Pay Attention To?

Ahh, where to begin. Start with the basics and test it out. Then you can start to incorporate a few more metrics to show you even more.

Don’t get scared. It’s just a business tool, like any other.

Some analytics that can be useful include

  • What’s Your Traffic by device, such as desktop or mobile device – which is winning?
  • Large Cart abandonment Rate – It may be interesting to know people’s motivation (usually money, just saying). Flick them an extra coupon and see what happens.
  • Average Time on pages and the bounce rate – Why are people stuck? Need more info, better engagement, or images?
  • Email bounce and unsubscribe rates – See above


Data is a powerful tool, but only if you know how to use it well. It can show many things for any business and even point a more straightforward path towards your goals.

Web analytics and digital marketing analytics will indicate whether a business is hitting the mark.

The marks will be directly related to your digital marketing strategy.

If you need some guidance on what your analytics are saying to you, partner with those who can help you resolve the issues. Contact us today for the best in advice and experience.

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