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A strategy is defined as the goals of the business and the actions undertaken to achieve them.

Sounds simple, right?

It can be easier than people make it out to be but it does require a balance. Developing a stronger digital marketing strategy requires an understanding of buyers, the ever-changing sales funnel, having excellent content plans, and the analysis of a campaign’s results at the end.

At some point, it may become clear that things aren’t quite working out the way you need them to.

Learning from mistakes doesn’t only apply to newbies and start-ups. We can all falter. The trick is to recognize when things seem a bit smelly and replace them with some fresh flowers, an open window, and a bit of perspective.

So, what makes you think your digital marketing strategy needs some work? It may be some of these.

1. No Clear Decision-Making Process

Gone are the days when reaching people meant haphazardly saturating all markets with the hopes of one or two taking notice. Targeted approaches with digital marketing take far more intelligence, and a clearer understanding of your potential customers, and their habits, and simply make more sense.

Consider each step. They all add up to one happy family of plans, pinpointing the right people for the right reasons.


It’s not just about the best vehicle to reach people. Spend more time on identifying customer personas, research what their pain points are and their expectations when clicking on that ad.

Try to get ahead of market trends.

If you need help on how to do this, reach out to those who can help smooth the path.

This is a win for your business as well.

Revamping how you approach this one area alone will also provide you with a clearer direction forward, a foundation on which to fall back on, should you need it.

2. Your ROI Doesn’t Exist

It’s basically your bottom line. If the previous campaigns have failed to deliver a return, then an up close and personal look into why that may be happening is a priority.

Any plan that drives customer leads, creating interest holds potential for increased profit.


This is where your sales and marketing departments need to discuss what is working and what’s not. Which channels are the best and which are the ones that can be weaned off the proverbial business teat?

3. No One is Pulling the Trigger

Conversion is only a dirty word if you’re not getting any.

Converting visitors to sales is not an easy thing, but there are standout things that may need tweaking.

What does it mean when you’re getting plenty of traffic but no one’s willing to click that one last time? It is a sign that your potential customers haven’t quite got what they need from you, or they are still looking around.


Look at your product information. Is there enough to convince customers to purchase, or are descriptions a bit light on the ground? Lack of content is disturbing for people. Customers want excellent photos and a lot of detail.

Also, payment methods must appeal to all potential customers. Adding Apple Pay, Paypal or other forms of payment may cause a shopper to convert over giving up their credit card numbers

Testing of your site is essential. If people find it difficult to complete a transaction they will bail out and head straight for your competition.

Conversion rate optimization will break down the path or funnel. Start tracking the behaviors and you may find the reasons behind the issues.

Remember, conversion is the best friend of ROI.

4. You No Longer Rank

You know the old saying. “The best place to find a dead body is on page two of Google”

Or the more romantic version – You are lost until you are found.

Traffic to your site, or lack thereof, is essentially holding up a mirror into the inner workings of your digital marketing strategy.


SEO must be an ongoing pursuit, even to the point of being a strategy within the strategy.

By now everyone should understand the requirement for keywords in digital marketing, but they can become stale. Review your content for more trending and relevant keywords. Attracting backlinks, not just any, but valuable ones will also gain you more authority in a search engine’s eyes.

Some other issues to do with ranking can be user-friendliness, the speed of your site, and the structure. Hitting these technical aspects are critical in resolving some of your ranking problems

The pursuit of visibility is ongoing, and should never be a set-and-forget approach.

5. Are You Using Social Media Right?

Apart from paid advertising and a keen eye on your SEO strategy, social media can be the hero of your digital marketing strategy.

For some it comes easy, for others, standing out from the entitled big brand crowd is the goal.

Greater regularity with media posts and content being more attractive and compelling will see increases in activity.

There are other objectives which will move you forward.

Assuming you are using the best social media platforms for your business, enhancing engagement with your followers through more personal interactions, better customer service, and responding to enquiries or concerns promptly will all assist in having this ever-changing sales channel secure reward.

6. Mobile Users are Bouncing Out

Your analytics will tell you. If there is a big difference between desktop activity and mobile activity, you know you’re in for some work.

Check your responsiveness and site speed against all mobile devices. A flawless layout on desktop is great, but if it doesn’t look correct on mobile and doesn’t load quickly, then is it worth it?

Do you need some facts to back up what essentially is any business’s reality? According to recent figures, 79% of smartphone users have purchased online using their mobile devices. 

Want a slice of that pie? Keep up or step aside.

What comes to mind when your business thinks of strategy? The complete analysis of everything you do presently to predict industry trends or change, or is it more than strategy seen in terms of letting things progress organically, without too tight a grip.

Actually, it’s logical and targeted tactics that will win in the end.

Having the right partner on your side means the best advice and greater success with your digital marketing strategy. Email us or request a call back on your strategy revamp.

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