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Audit Your Website or a Competitor’s Website With Our Website Audit Tool.

Our complete SEO audit service is the quickest, most effective approach to determine why your website isn’t ranking as high on the search results as it should be.

We don’t just send you the data, we send you the WHY.

Read below about the complete breakdown of the SEO audit.

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SEO Audit Checklist

  • Organic Keywords Your Website Is Ranking For
  • Organic Monthly Clicks Your Website Receives
  • Organic Website Competitors
  • List Of Top-ranking Competitors
  • List Of Top Pages
  • List Of Top Backlinks To Your Website
  • Domain Authority Ranking

If you or your competitor does online paid advertising, the audit also includes the PPC audit checklist below

PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising) Audit Checklist

  • List Of Paid Competitors
  • List Of Your Organic Competitors Who Are Engaged In Online Paid Advertising
  • Google Ads Keyword Buy Recommendations

Why Am I Not Ranking #1?

Understanding the SEO Audit

Understanding digital marketing lingo will help you understand the SEO audit.

An organic keyword is a keyword used to attract people to your website through search engine optimization. Similar to organic keywords, PPC keywords are phrases paid to target through paid search marketing campaigns. 

What are the most visited pages on my website? In the audit, we list your most visited pages with estimates of how many monthly clicks each receives. Having Google Search Console & Google Analytics set up for your website allows you to get more accurate data on your popular pages. Set up Google Analytics & Search Console to get accurate reporting of your website’s performance.

Backlinks are crucial to your search results ranking. Google and other search engines value your website based on the number of and quality of the backlinks to your website. A backlink is a link created when a website links to another website. Backlinks from websites that have a strong domain authority are the most valuable. 

Indication of successful SEO efforts is high domain authority. The score ranges from 1-100 just like a test in school; the higher the score the better. It indicates how likely a website is to rank on a search results page. It is not a ranking factor that Google or other search engines read, but it encompasses many factors that they do use for ranking websites.  

What is an organic competitor? They are websites ranking for similar keywords that yours does. If the organic competitors feel out of place, that typically means your website isn’t ranking for the correct keywords. If the competition is legitimate, your goal is to put in the effort to improve keyword ranking on the competitive phrases with high search volume. 

Do You or Your Competitors Advertise on Google? We Can Tell!

Your organic competitors might be advertising on Google. The audit will tell you exactly which competitors are advertising and even the keywords they are advertising for. 

If you are advertising on Google, the report will include your top-performing keywords as well. Included in our audit will be recommendations for keywords you should target. Although we strongly recommend that any business have a Google Ads certified expert to manage advertising campaigns, you can easily set up a simple advertising campaign. Google Ads is the best advertising platform with many campaign types and targeting tools that will direct quality traffic to your website.

How W3 Affinity Approaches SEO

Foundational On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is the foundational work that we do for every business. Successful SEO starts with a strong foundation we start with, optimizing images, code, content, usability, and security.

Schema Markup is a major factor in ranking locally, we make sure that the location data matches up and marked it up using JSON & Google Tag Manager to increase the visibility on Google Maps. We set up and configure tracking tools like Google Analytics & Search Console to capture crucial data to measure successful SEO work. 

Off-Site SEO Optimization 

With all of the on-site work done and managed month over month. After creating a strong foundation the next phase is off-site SEO optimization. 

Utilizing a handful of SEO tools we find directories, and optimize Google My Business.

  • Local Directory Link Building
    • We matched up all of the location data to what we had used for Schema Markup on the website for local directories like the Chamber website, news entities, and aggregate websites like Yelp, Foursquare, and Yellow Pages.
    • We used tools at our disposal to gather data, manage, and report on the success of the local SEO off-site optimization. 
  • Google My Business
    • If you are a local business Google My Business is an extremely valuable platform to help increase your presence on the search results.  Properly configured, optimized, and managed, this is the center of all our efforts.

Above were the initial phases of SEO for your website. SEO is an ongoing task that requires a long-term strategy. Creating a strong foundation and understanding of where your website is today is a great first step for success. 

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