for SEO & Web Design

Web Design Rates

Web Design rates are estimated based on the scope of your project when we consult with you about your needs from the web design. Complexity, Security, and Customization will determine the final cost of your project. W3 Affinity prides itself on being affordable and competitive.

W3 Affinity is capable of building websites using virtually any platform and has experience doing just that. With over 300 live websites built on over 15 platforms. Our preference is custom coding or WordPress for standard non-eCommerce websites.

For eCommerce websites, we prefer to use Shopify or Magento. We are Shopify Experts and Magento Developers and understand the core code that runs both systems. We can create any custom project for an eCommerce Web Design on either platform.

SEO Rates

When you hire W3 Affinity for SEO, we take care of everything. We will manage all of your on-page optimization for your entire website, link building, keyword research & ranking, paid advertising, analytics and more. The rate for SEO varies on your site size and scope. We will determine the final cost after consultation.

Use our free SEO Cost Calculator to find out your costs!