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Looking at sales programs or brainstorming ways to enhance messaging and increased lead generation can consist of many strategies, none more important than landing pages. More relevant content, a greater social media presence and even real-world sponsoring of an event can all generate new sales. But if you are looking at your website, and the way it stacks up compared to your competitors, it may be looking a bit flat.

It’s time to enhance all your activities, including your site’s landing pages to create more interest.

The aim? To turn that interest into genuine, and measurable leads.

It’s all about designing landing pages to create the best results.

How? Here are a few ways.

Let Me Entertain You

A Contact page or About Us page need not be aloof and based around emails addresses and phone numbers.

This is a good chance to let it all hang out. Tastefully, of course. The type of content on this kind of page is less about the perfect SEO and more about engagement with potential customers.

This is us. This is what we stand for. This is our background, and this is how we like to spend our time when we are not working hard.

It’s all about showing people you are a real company, with real people enjoying life.

It’s alright to let people know you value your family and your company. Likely in that order.

Realness creates trust, and as a landing page for your newsletter sign-up will allow them to get more where this comes from.

The idea is to entice people to sign up for your newsletter, the information they need to input will be less important to a potential customer than knowing you’ve made them laugh or shared something of yourself.

In addition to giving people an insight into who is running things, you can give employees an opportunity to showcase themselves. Proud employees willing to participate in favorable things your business does is a very powerful marketing tool.

People know people.

Register Your Interest

Got a brand-new toy? Of course, you want to share it with people, but creating excitement before it’s even launched will make it even more enticing.

Any new product has the potential to increase lead generation but only if the design is intriguing and the right language  is used,

A shadow in the shape of something recognizable on registering might be the way to go for an extra spark.

Sometimes it’s the build-up that ends up being more exciting than the mass invitation 1st-day event. Consider it product foreplay.

Boy, do we have something for you? Register your interest.

This Is Your Invitation

Creating leads from real-time live events will have a flow-on effect, not only to the invitees but the people in their world.

Inviting newcomers with a video about your next corporate sponsorship event, or a meet-and-greet with the public can generate enormous interest. Again, the design plays an important part here.

Kind of like a digital version of Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

Podcasts are pretty hot right now and one of the things that are trending in terms of value-add content.

Everyone likes to be invited to a party.

Done right, this landing page will have them signing up …and singing ”I’ve got a golden ticket, in my hand.”

Promote Me

Landing pages for a promotion, whether it be seasonal, or a tried-and-true quarterly offering is one of the more popular. This is specific targeting of a particular user and lead generation from people that don’t know you, and another excellent opportunity to gain trust, and give more insight.

A restaurant, for example, may offer pasta at a 25 percent discount for those who dine on weekdays, or a free appetizer with every Soup of the day purchased.

Or you may choose to use the landing pages as a means to an end.  Buy-one-get 25-percent-off-the-second are great enticers and perfect for getting rid of old stock.

People love discounts. In fact, some people rely a great deal on getting a great deal.

Where do I sign up?


Essentially, landing pages are created as a trade-off. You supply something of interest and the potential customer shares their personal information.

What’s the value of a successful landing page? People’s personal information is very important to them. The key here is to have them give it up, not because they think they owe it to you, but because what is on offer is worth the exchange.

People get a lot of emails and offers every day. I mean a lot.

How do your landing pages stack up?

Want to know more?

We can get your website, social media, and digital strategy back in working order.

Contact us for ways to stimulate your lead generation today.

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