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Are you bored with the same old content? You needn’t be. But if you want a new you for the new year, then maybe it’s time to get fresh.

Wanting bigger, better, faster, and stronger is one thing, but all great content has one thing in common: all of it must be believable to begin with and smarter than ever before.

So, what’s on a content creators hotlist for 2022?

Glad you asked. Here are a few new trends that will get you thinking. There is no need to use everything in one piece of content, but these could be the freshener you’ve been looking for.

Augmented Reality Content

Interactive technology allows businesses to have customers immersed in their products. Quite literally.

This is a form of interaction that content creators find pretty exciting and is a vehicle for engagement like no other.

The end goal, of course, is to have visitor rate-to-conversion skyrocket by offering something out of the ordinary.

How is it done?

Websites are letting potential buyers see products in 3D, and in the case of clothing or even makeup, try them on for size.

Another example of this in use is entertainment venues allowing ticket buyers to see highly detailed images of their preferred seating and its location to the stage to see virtually their position without knowing the venue itself.

What does this do?

Using this type of technology is extremely useful if your goal is to evoke an emotional connection.

If customers can see a product in all its glory, you’re halfway there to having them feel like they already own it.

It’s simply another level of engagement and one that will likely go beyond a mere trend.

Video Killed the Radio Star

It sure did. Unceremoniously and without remorse. But if I heard you say this medium is nothing new in terms of having videos on a website., you’d be right.

It’s what you do with it today that counts. Nowadays, it’s all about what that content is saying, and often, who’s saying it.

Highly engaging with the ability to wrap its arms around all personality types and buying personas video brings a level of communication you just can’t get from eBooks and blog posts.

It is a genuinely inclusive medium that can cater to those with vision impairment or learning difficulty where reading may be challenging.

This is a true equalizer and one that should never be discounted as a given or old news.

Video is the forefather of what we see as a staple in content creation, engagement, and interaction. Just add an influencer or two and shazam! You’ve got brand knowledge and advocacy on a large scale.

Remember, YouTube was nothing significant at one point, and Instagram was just a glint in someone’s eye.

Focused Marketing Creators

Ahhhhh. The art of a good storyteller. There’s nothing quite like it. To paint a picture in a customer’s mind is a talent many content writers wish they had. This goes beyond a newsletter or run-of-the-mill email promotion. This is a four-star alarm-raising ability to get inside someone’s head.

Pretty powerful stuff.

Marketing teams need to be brought together with the mindset of finding ways to get under people’s skin. Not to annoy but to emotionally connect as human beings.

Yes, we still need the analytics of content creation and the time to put all those results into play, but it’s the other side that creators are starting to have to focus on a little harder and smarter.

Marketers realize that existing teams and new employees need to balance the technical and the creative. Too much of one or the other, and the scale tips too far on one side.

Hard to find? That’s why it’s a growing essential in the world of content we now live in.

Welcome to the Jungle.

Where to From Here?

Next level is where you need to be, so discovering ways to connect with your audience is a no-brainer for any content strategist.

Your audience and your customers are what makes your business, and while it may not be an international move to disrupt you on their part, unsuitable and irrelevant content is an avenue to see who else is out there.

If you don’t bring it to them, someone else will have taken your already warmed-up seat before you know it.

Keep them close. Keep them informed and keep them entertained.

This is an ever-changing world, and with it comes changes in buying behaviors, challenges, and ideas we never thought of five years ago.

In the words of the great Bob Dylan, “for the times they are a-changin.”

Your target audience is always looking for the new: new ways, new content, new ideas, and the next big thing.

Bring it to them.


How do you think you’re going? Need some SEO help, or maybe just a short sharp wake-up call?

It won’t hurt, in fact, it can make all the difference.

It’s funny what a reality check can do.

For the best targeted, customer-focused content, let the experts help. Fresh ideas and advice coming from a company with the experience to make your goals a reality.

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