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Many businesses nowadays feel that a blog is a must-have to generate leads for their products or service. So, what’s your content strategy? Could your blog help with the ultimate goal of creating a healthier bottom line? The answer is a resounding yes.

Where do you begin? Start to think about your blog a little differently and you may turn something that is seen as an obligation into a fully fletched asset for your business growth.

Let’s look at some ways you can generate leads from your written word.

"Content is King" written on a coffee cup.

The Pen is Mightier to Generate Leads

Creating engaging content is key to more people sitting up and taking notice. Easier said than done?

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Understanding your target audience has always been a part of your digital marketing strategy, so creating content interesting, and relevant for your blog should be no different.

Begin to target people with your content.

Ultimately, you are a problem solver. Solving customer queries, questions about products, and offering solutions for pain points are what got you here to begin with, now it’s about keeping up the momentum by incorporating your blog into the areas of major focus.

The aim?

Gently push your potential customers into action. Not only does engaging content make your website better than ever, but it will also influence your search engine rankings.

Some areas to consider revamping or adding to your blog.

Try adding videos or audio. Consumers are visual and respond well to video and podcast interviews and information.

  • Having links to actional items such as promotions can help generate leads
  • Do your headlines stand out? Make them memorable.
  • Some of the best blogs are thought-provoking or simply make people laugh. The content will work better for you if it engages and entertains.
  • Check your facts. If you have scientific, or business statistics make sure you link a source. Trust is everything.
  • Regularly update the blog. Fresh content should always be a part of a strategy.
  • Provide solutions to common questions via your blog

All the Better to See You With

Making your audience feel like they are all individuals is likely the first thing learned about targeting audiences and basic digital marketing strategies. It is similarly important to what your blog’s main role is.

Remember the old trick for novice public speakers? Focus on one person, make eye contact, and make them feel like they are the only person in the room.

Engaging blogs are the written equivalent of this.

Is This Your Calling?

Some may see it as a given, but a call to action, and how you want people to respond, holds just as much importance as any other aspect of good blog writing.

Including a Call to Action in your blog that contains special offers can tip potential customers over the edge

Having slow persuasion, or in your face calls to action may depend on who you plan to target with the content.

Some people love a persuasive CTA campaign, others need the gentle touch.

How can you tell?

Well, it is all about how well you know your audience. Go back to your foundations if you’re not sure about who to target with what type of CTA.

Don’t forget to test it to see what yields the best result.

Hey, no one said it was easy, but you will learn even more about existing and potential customers.

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Make Friends and Generate Leads

Having the right kinds of people willing to be an advocate for your product or service is like striking gold.

A simple blog post in interview form with a head of industry, someone well known or simply a current social media influencer can go a long way to establishing a brand, and therefore bring people willing to take a chance on you.

It creates a reason to purchase and pushes inch-by-inch towards your conversion rate from an average C student to an A+.

Linking to their site and their blog will create trust and help to cement your brand’s credibility.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


So, what is the takeaway from all this?

Thinking about ways your blog can generate leads through a well-thought-out content strategy will not only bring my traffic to your business but will also help the credibility and trust game essential to every online business today.

More than ever, a blog can be your voice, your communication level, and your bottom line’s best asset.


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