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Increased website traffic has to top the list of any business wish list and for good reason.

Greater visibility through digital marketing strategies provides the best opportunity to create trust, and engagement with existing and potential customers, increase traffic organically… and keep up momentum.

So, what does all this do?

Yes, the R-word. Revenue.

If you need some tips to improve your eCommerce traffic, or if things have slowed down, here are a few points to consider.

PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click campaigns can drive traffic directly to your eCommerce site immediately.

Considered a part of a digital marketing strategy, PPC ads run on a search engine, for example, Google, for the sole purpose of being front and center, at the top of the tree when a potential customer searches for a product.

Your product.

While some see it as an expense, PPC can produce results for both new businesses, and those wanting to target a specific audience. Keywords linked within the advertisements appear when a user searches using their specific search criteria or word.

Some swear by this method of high search volume keywords, and some do not see the results hoped for.

Naturally, there will be a need to analyze any success, or average results, and conversion for this type of eCommerce traffic booster.

Be Adaptive and Responsive.

Mobile device friendliness is a given these days, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore it.

Look around. The majority of people are stuck to their mobile phones for one reason or another for hours a day. And why wouldn’t we be? This is a full-blown, fully-functional tiny computer that fits in your pocket.

Convenient as that may be, potential customers are not going to waste their time on a site that gives them a headache.

If a business lost 10 dollars for every time a visitor mumbled to themselves “this is too hard”, they wouldn’t have a business for very long.

Sitting alongside device adaptability is its first cousin User Experience.

How your site flows are critical to your UX capabilities. Landing pages need to be geared to how buyers want to see your information. Being intuitive is hard, losing customers is harder.

It is not a one-size-fits-all, but there are a few common denominators in all easily navigated sites. It can be as complex as amazing pictures, and attractive descriptions, or as simple as the font type used throughout the site.

Think Like a Customer

If you had a shop front, would it be easy to walk around and find what you need?

Of course.

Each product is in its place, tidy, and easy to access.

That’s a given.

Would it be simple, informal, and effortless for people to select their goods, pay, and go?


An eCommerce site should be a replica of that ease.

Make it easier for people to select, pay, and even collect their goods. Seems too simple?

We’ve all become used to a fast, easy, need-it-now shopping experience. Getting that message out there, and catering to it correctly might just see a lot of new and return traffic.

on page seo

Execute Your SEO Strategy

At the risk of being accused of scolding, there’s not much point in simply talking about SEO, you need to take action.

All eCommerce traffic has one starting point. Do you know what that is? A simple word search on any chosen engine. That’s where most begin. The trick is to make those words stand out and resonate.

Overlooking SEO can cost you, not only in traffic, but in a search engine’s decision on who’s worthy, and who goes to the page two graveyard.


Consider a blog if you don’t have one. If you do, make the content count. Make it valuable.

Check to make sure your existing content is current, and change up keywords from time to time to keep things fresh.

Get Creative

Want to take another path? Then it is time to get creative!

There are a few ways that pique shopping interest that isn’t considered to be ‘normal’ methods.

Call it the road less traveled if you like, but sometimes creativity turns heads.

What’s Trending?

Find out what’s new on social media. Which influencers are the big names of the day, and why? There is a great insight to be had from understanding why social media trends are at the forefront of consumers’ new purchase must-haves.

Ignoring who and what your customers are gravitating towards can be a mistake you only make once. Why make it at all?

Ramp up Promotional Activities

Have you thought about having a give-away, or a promotion target specifically a trending topic? What about a great deal through sponsoring a local sporting team, or book club? Your website blaring across promotional materials will have new customers wondering what you’re all about.

It’s a way to get people’s feet through your virtual door.

Ask For Reviews

Ask your best customers for reviews.

Hold on a minute. What can possibly go wrong?

Yes, it can be confronting to directly seek out what is possibly negative feedback, but chances are if these are tried and tested customers, they would have already supplied you with comments and input on products and customer service before now.

Go on.

Boldly go where no digital marketing strategy has gone before.

It will only sting for a minute.

Success for any eCommerce site means understanding what drives customers to you. Sure, we all want visitors to find us organically, nonetheless a sheer belief in our own magnetic pull and charisma isn’t enough.

Improving eCommerce traffic is not some sort of sorcery, but the use of a combination of methods, some old, some new, but definitely ones that work for your business.

Get your traffic back through the door with the help of experience and know-how. Arrange a consultation with us for the best eCommerce solutions for your business.

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