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SEO. Three little letters that can mean so much for your business and your bottom line. But is it still so important today, and if so, how do you go about harnessing the power of this mighty seductress?

Let’s look at a few things that may help businesses understand the SEO machine, and tame it for their own purposes

The Importance of SEO Today

So why is SEO more important today?

Competition plays a large part.

The understanding of how social media works for business, targeted digital marketing and knowing what your customers want is now more at the forefront than ever before, so it makes sense that looking for ways to stand out from the ordinary is key to future growth.

Anything else? It’s the V-word


SEO can help you be seen more.

How The Right SEO Affects Your Bottom Line

Return on investment. It’s the financial side to any business that will either smile or frown for every tactic, strategy, or new venture you think will bring in revenue.

So how can a focus on SEO bring about more dollars? SEO can bring valuable leads, real leads that with the right types of incentive will be converted to sales.

Higher rankings on a search engine will no doubt bring more visitors to your business, mostly because no one wants to sit and trawl through pages of results when the first one or two are immediately in your face.

The positive effects that SEO can impact your bottom line are due to measurable and calculated steps taken, ensuring these things improve

More Organic Traffic via Searches

A focus on SEO will get more people out in front of your business. If they see you first, you’re likely to get the traffic. It is a naturally growing improvement through concentrated SEO efforts that is cost-effective and measurable.

Consumers trust the first few rankings inherently, while the others are seen as lesser.

Is it a race?


Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer

Once you have visitors, you don’t want them to leave straight away. SEO and content strategies got them there, so they are less likely to add to your bounce rate. Optimized SEO combined with a UX focus, and relevant call to action will keep your rankings high.

Why does it matter if they stay longer? Consumers are getting to know you when they remain on your website. Moving from page to page means you have caught their attention.

The rest is up to you.

Conversion Happiness

When used wisely SEO will drive more people to your site, keep them there longer and move them closer to the goal of ordering. Visitors that are targeted through your SEO know your site can answer their questions, provide solutions to issues they may have had with competitors, but more importantly for you are slowly navigated toward purchase.

Continuous Improvement With SEO

Good SEO and content strategy is not a set-and-forget thing. Consumers are constantly changing. Trends come and go. Influencers do what they do best – Influence.

It’s a constantly changing world in which SEO must keep up with. The good news is that is exactly what keeps your business fresh, and relevant.

There’s no need to start new advertising campaigns with the best SEO. This keeps costs down but allows something that will always be inevitable.


Improving Your Bottom Line with SEO

Ok now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How do you go about it? Here are a few to get started in optimizing your SEO.

Know Your Keywords

Keyword search is important. It is these few words that will drive more leads to your door.

Keep in mind they don’t have to always stay the same. Keeping an eye on competitors’ movements and current trends in social media.

This will help your words stay relevant.

If you are not sure where to start, get some help with keyword search options that will bring results.

Increase Valuable Leads

All leads are great, and all can lead to conversion, but targeting the ones who are more likely to buy takes it another notch up.

Targeting those who have purchased via a competitor and were not happy is an opportunity to create a new advocate (and a customer). Hight value leads know what they want.

Pinpointing less valuable leads won’t give you the return you look for and can be a waste of marketing dollars.

Aim for the best

Be More Brand Aware

Brand recognition is crucial in driving success. This awareness can be driven by several things, but SEO really comes to the forefront here. Having an increased focus on your SEO rankings and how to better them will drive more visitors to your site. The more visitors, the more people become more familiar with your brand and who you are as a business.

Trust is created, a level of comfort is instilled and built upon, and before you know it, yours is the brand that comes to mind.

Life in The Digital Economy

What’s the digital economy? In its simplest terms, it is a revolution! By use of social data in an effective and targeted way, businesses now realize this pool of information can give their bottom line the boost it may need.

Newer and smarter business models with a direct link to this new type of economy are the way forward to new lines of revenue and stronger brand exposure.

Think about it.

Consumers today have no off switch. Products are available 24 hours a day, along with full imagery, ease of purchase, and hopefully, the support to back it up.

All these things intertwine to form a cohesive set of mindsets that can no longer be ignored. Increased focus on the ways to generate more revenue and brand awareness will always hold high value.

Your bottom line will thank you.

When you’re ready to harness the power of optimized SEO we’ll be here.

For the best advice on SEO strategies for your business contact us today. We can take the mystery out and put the ease back into all your content management, and digital economy questions for your further success.

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