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In short – Yes, every business needs a website. 

We’ll get into some depth behind why you need a well-designed website for your business in this article. Strap on your boots, we’ve got some work to do.

Here is the list of topics we’ll cover:

  • Websites are for the customers as well
  • They’ll save you time & money
  • Can be used as an educational tool
  • Websites when living in a small town
  • They’ll get you more business
  • Your competition is already online

Websites aren’t just for you, they’re for your customers

That’s right! Websites are primarily for your customers to be able to gather information. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or restaurant and the customer needs to get your hours, address, menu, or parking information or you’re a service company and they need to find out if you service their area. Nobody likes to get on a phone call with a company just to ask them the basic questions listed above.

Now picture that you’re an HVAC company that only offers commercial services. A prospective lead for residential Googles and finds your yellow page but not your website and assumes you’re a HVAC company that takes care of all needs. If you had a website, you’d also be able to avoid the excess calls that come from a misunderstanding of what you actually do. Websites allow you to, in detail, outline your business to the prospective clients.

When shopping for a product or service, it’s important for the customer to feel they can trust that they’re going to the right place or calling the right people. In a digital world where virtually everyone has a website, it’s difficult to make a decision on anything as people and services are more accessible than they’ve ever been. So no just having a website that was thrown together for the sake of having one, it has to be a good website. User-friendly, informative, unique and even persuasive.

Having a website will save you time & money

Yes, having a website will result in less work that you need to do upfront with customers. No more (or few and far between) will you have to answer that phone just to say, yes we’re open or no we don’t offer that service. Simple questions can be answered in your website in pages like a FAQ, contact pages, and service pages.

Along with helping customers, a website can help employees with customers. Employees can drive customers to various parts of the website or have the website up to answer questions that they may not be entirely versed in to provide exceptional customer service to your prospective customers.

Now, picture you’re a campground that takes reservations year round. Without a website, you’re probably needing to take all of your reservations over the phone (yikes, that’s a lot of time right there!). You’re probably also using a lot of paper for these reservations to keep track of who is coming. A website can come in handy here as customers can make their own reservation (could you imagine? People just make their own reservation and you don’t have to lift a finger?). So while you’ll come out of pocket to get this reservation system setup upfront, you’ll be reaping the benefits of this system for years and years to come, saving you a lot of time as you go.

Websites can be an Educational Tool

This is one of the best aspects of a website. Being able to educate your customer along with your employees on the services or products you offer allows you to appear as an expert (which we are sure you are!) in your industry and help envoke confidence in the business itself. Whether you’re asking high-level questions about your industry or getting in-depth and truly sharing your expertise, prospects will read the content and get a sense of “hmm, these guys know what’s going on, I should call them!”

Take our blog, for instance, you’re reading it to get educated on whether or not you need a website. Our intent is two-fold:

  • Give you all the information you need to make a decision to build a website
  • Hope you view us as worthy of a free consultation to talk to you about building that website

We pour our expertise in business and digital technologies into each blog to ensure you, the potential customer, know that if you call us, that you’ll be in good hands. This is the primary role of a blog or website.

I live in a small town, do I need a website?

I get it, you’re in a small town and pretty much everyone here knows who you are, right? Wrong, new people move into towns every day and have no idea who, where, why, and what you are. Also, those searching into your area may be traveling there for the first time or maybe researching options for when they move there. These people could be a large sum of business for you and you’re unable to reach them because you’re just not there…

We see this a lot, after all, we live in a small town and we travel to small towns all the time. When we’re out and we’re looking for a cool local restaurant or a cool place to stay to experience the town, we use the internet. If the company isn’t there, it is by sheer luck (and/or blessing!) that we find that gem of the town that didn’t have a website and goes down in our books as a place we’ll visit time and time again.

Websites will get you more business… Period.

You heard us! Having a website will get you more business. Having a website allows you to show up on the big search engines when a potential customers search for keywords that relate to your business. A person searching the internet for you by business name will likely find a little bit of information about you out there, like a legacy Yellow Pages listing. However, a user searching indirectly for you, that is, by a service you’d offer like “HVAC company near me” or “campground in the Outer Banks”, you have no chance to show up for without a website. There is just too much competition on the internet today to show up for a competitive keyword phrase in Google Search without having a website.

Your competition is doing it… I promise.

Every day, more and more businesses are getting online. The world has changed and it’s easier to get a website these days and the costs have come down making it a more accessible business expense. Your competition has figured this out and is online right now taking potential customers away from your business, as they serve them with the information, products and services they need without having to lift a finger.

You owe it to your customers, community, and self to get online and start doing more for your business. We offer a free consultation for any business looking to join the digital revolution and grow their business. We’ll come up with a battle plan that is suitable for your business goals and educate you on what it’ll take.

We’re ready for you, give us a call today!

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