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We’ve entered 2019 getting deep into our social media strategies as we’ve seen the impact its had on our clients over the years. In 2018, we saw tremendous growth in Social for our clients. Organic Social in recent years prior had been a great avenue for branding and trust, however, it had been getting less and less effective in driving high value leads. 2018, something changed and as we go into 2019, we’re dedicating a lot more time on Social.

We wanted to share 3 pro tips for managing social media. You should be doing these or some form of them to ensure you’re getting the most out of Social Media.

Social Media Pro Tip #1: Prepare an Editorial Calendar

We cannot recommend enough that you take the time to prepare your content based on your various content wheels into an editorial calendar. This allows you to map out the text, graphics, hashtags, links and topic for each of your posts going out in a month, quarter or more.

We use Google Sheets to manage our client’s calendar by creating a tab for each month with the content broken down by week. We further this by keeping tabs of approval of content and publish times/dates to ensure we know it all went out.

Social Media Pro Tip #2: Use a Smart Publishing Tool

Today, the tools for social media are both affordable and extremely easy to use. We’re a big fan of Buffer and use it with all of our clients. The cost-effective tool is free for average users, only $10/monthly for power users and $99/monthly for agencies like mine. It’s simple to use, provides a visual calendar and gives you analytics that are actionable.

Social Media Pro Tip #3: Track & Read the Results

Install Google Analytics and use tracking URLs on your social posts when able. Make sure your Google Analytics is tracking properly for behaviors (See Google Tag Manager Blog). You need to ensure your efforts aren’t in vain. So while you want to see page likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc, you also want to see pageviews, subscribers, leads and more from your website from your actions. Don’t just flood social media with hours of work and not measure the effort. You just may find that a channel that you spend a lot of time on, doesn’t provide as much success.

I hope that these tips help you in your social media journey. We’re going to dig deep in 2019 to share some results of campaigns, advertising and content strategies. We hope that the work will help you be successful this year and for years to come.

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