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Getting into eCommerce has never been so… fulfilling! We want to take a moment and discuss the benefits of utilizing Shopify’s eCommerce platform from our first hand experience. With over 50 eCommerce projects completed in the last decade, we’ve utilized everything from ZenCart, Magento, WooCommerce and many other eCommerce platforms. While some of them had their merits, and are even highly recommended by us, Magento for instance, Shopify has become our go to tool for building out eCommerce Websites.

The fact is, we became Shopify Experts because, it just made sense.

Shopify Highlights

  • Easy to manage admin panel for the customer

This is important to note. Many of the eCommerce platforms we’ve used in the past require extensive training for the client to understand how to manage orders, products, categories, sales, etc. Having the most simple user interface in the admin panel made this a serious contender for us. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it isn’t robust though!

  • Apps, apps and more apps!

Shopify’s App market has virtually anything you can imagine, to get virtually any task completed. This compared to most eCommerce platforms means less time developing, and more time selling.

  • Liquid Source Code

Ok, this one might be above your head, as you’re not a programmer right? Liquid source code is very easy to utilize, manipulate and edit from a programmers stand point, meaning projects get done more efficiently.

  • Their BLOG

Wow, let me tell you something. If you aren’t following their blog, you’re missing out. You need to go check it out, we read it every chance we get and find more and more amazing ways to improve our own business model!

  • Their Support

Their tech team is always on top of it. We’ve rarely encountered issues, but when we have, they handled it swiftly!

  • Free SSL Security

Shopify provides a free SSL Certificate to all of their clients. There is a waiting list, however it’s short and worth the wait!

  • Quality Guidelines

Getting an app, or theme, or ANYTHING on Shopify has to get through their rigorous quality guidelines. Which means that you’ll have a high quality product straight out of the gate.

  • No Server to Manage

Shopify is a managed platform, it’s managed by Shopify! It’s fast, secure and easy. You don’t have to worry about anything.

The Answer

Shopify Developer

It should be clear by now that we are a fan of Shopify. Hopefully by reading this you’ve become one too! We’re experts at Shopify, no really, we’ve even got the badge! Schedule a consult and lets build out your Shopify Web Site now!

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