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W3 Affinity Achieves Excellence in eCommerce SEO Services!

W3 Affinity is proud to announce that we have been featured on Clutch.co as a SEO E-commerce leader. Clutch is a Washington D.C. based research and reviews firm that covers thousands of B2B firms in over 500 different industries. Clutch gives buyers the ability to compare similar service companies and identify the ideal partner that […]

W3 Affinity Rises to the Top on Clutch.co!

With 15 years of experience, 300+ clients served, and a 30% average client revenue growth, W3 Affinity continues to make noteworthy strides in the marketing field. We provide exceptional web design and SEO strategies that are tailored to our client’s unique business challenges. As a full-service digital marketing agency that strives to fulfill any, if […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify [Business Owner vs Developer]

WooCommerce vs Shopify I wanted to approach this topic from two perspectives, the business owners view on WooCommerce vs Shopify and the developers view on WooCommerce vs Shopify. Both of these platforms have their merits and would make excellent online stores for any business to get off the ground on. We’ll dig into which is […]

The Second Step for SEO: On-Page Optimization, Part 2

Alright, you’re likely reading this because you’ve read part 1 of On-site SEO and are ready to keep getting deeper into the on-page SEO. We’ll cover Keyword Consistency, Linking internally, Sitemap.xml, and Robots.txt. These items are necessary to both help the user and the search engine understand your website and how to crawl it. Let’s […]

Design for the User

You’ve probably read virtually every beginners guide to SEO there is on the web, and all of them are telling you to make sure you have your keywords here and there, and there… and there. Eventually, you’ve finally put all your content on your site and read it thinking, “What did I just say?” According […]

What is Google Tag Manger & why do I need it?

Simply put, this is a tool provided by Google that allows you to run code, tracking, or programs on a website or app without having to edit the code of the website (once installed!) Google Tag Manager simplifies the ever-changing world of digital marketing by allowing you to swap out scripts for call tracking software if […]

Cost of Web Development

Every business needs a website, whether you’re small or large, new or 30+ years in business, small town or major metro, a website is a 24/7 brochure to your business’s services, contact information and more. Not having a website these days, or having a poor one, leads to a smaller and smaller market of individuals […]

[Step-by-Step Guide] to Local SEO

Get ready. If you own a local business or do marketing for one, then you need to read this guide. we’ll uncover the tactics used by our team here to deliver results on a month to month and year over year basis for our clients. Who should read this? Anyone who owns, operates or is […]

Do I Need a Website?

In short – Yes, every business needs a website.  We’ll get into some depth behind why you need a well-designed website for your business in this article. Strap on your boots, we’ve got some work to do. Here is the list of topics we’ll cover: Websites are for the customers as well They’ll save you […]

The Second Step for SEO: On-Page Optimization, Part 1

You’ve done as much research as you possibly can and now it’s time to do something with all the data you’ve collected. If you haven’t done the research, check out the first blog in this series: The First Step for SEO: Research. Let’s dig into the on-page factors we’ll work with based off your research, […]