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Local Pickup with Shopify eCommerce Websites

One of the biggest challenges with the current circumstances is getting customers in the door. In these times we’ve found the eCommerce and shipping have been growing exponentially but that comes with a lot of headaches, logistics and costs. Doing this quickly can lead to loss of profits, poor customer experience and a decreased motivation for eCommerce when it’s needed most.

Shopify is combating the eCom & Ship only model by launching Local Pickup, a way for you to now set up local pickup for your eCommerce store.

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There are a few requirements that we feel for a small business just getting started, should be easy to meet:

Prefer to deliver locally but don’t want people outside your area purchasing?

We’ve developed a way to constrain the buying area to your delivery radius. Purchasers can shop your products, add to cart, enter zip for verification and then checkout on your website while picking a delivery day that works for them and you. This feature combined with store pickup will allow you to have a truly local eCommerce website to serve your community.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce team with over a decade of experience helping small businesses grow through online sales, then call us today at 757-943-1911

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