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With 15 years of experience, 300+ clients served, and a 30% average client revenue growth, W3 Affinity continues to make noteworthy strides in the marketing field. We provide exceptional web design and SEO strategies that are tailored to our client’s unique business challenges. As a full-service digital marketing agency that strives to fulfill any, if not all of our customer’s needs, we’re very proud that, an independent B2B research firm, has highlighted us on their platform for our level of customer service and overall accomplishments. W3 Affinity only joined just recently, and yet, we’re very excited that we’re already strong competitors among a number of other SEO firms!

At the time of this post, we’ve even attained #6 in the world as a top SEO for eCommerce businesses!

Clutch is based in Washington, D.C. A ratings and reviews platform for companies in the digital and technology space, their team of business analysts evaluate agencies based on the strength of their market presence, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, client feedback. Since reviews are an invaluable piece of a strong online reputation, W3 appreciates the service provides. Buyers are faced with a plethora of service providers, but Clutch has given them the tools to efficiently identify what agency is best for their specific need, budget, and other relevant criteria. In fact, if you’re looking for an SEO firm that specializes in E-commerce, an industry that involves a lot of moving pieces, you can find W3 Affinity listed as a leader on a directory of e-commerce SEO firms on Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest.

Of course, we could not have made it this far on Clutch without the participation of our clients. Their continued loyalty and diligence are reflected in the comprehensive reviews published to our Clutch profile.

Below are just a few of their stand out comments:

“Under W3 Affinity’s guidance, we now rank within the top five in every critical category related to our product and industry,” Founder and CEO, Harvest Timber Specialty Products.

“They took the time to research our product and it shows in the success of our project.” – CEO, Simple Living Home

“John does a great job at keeping projects on track and doesn’t keep me waiting on deliverables.” – Marketing Manager, Seattle Pump and Equipment

In summary, W3 Affinity keep projects on track. We take the time to research our client’s business. And these steps plus others deliver quality results. As Clutch says, we’re a ‘firm that delivers.’ True, marketing will continue to evolve and new changes are always on the horizon. But with W3 Affinity, you can feel confident that we’ll stay ahead of the trends and deliver results that go beyond original expectations. Thank you to Clutch, who is already an important partner in our process of growth and improvement, and to our clients for their continued support!

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