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So you heard the words “Marketing Automation” come out in a meeting and you’re wondering, what is an example of how marketing automation can help my business?

Marketing automation comes to the benefit of businesses is many ways and we’re going to give you just one of them here in this post.

Quick Note: Marketing Automation is a process that runs automatically based on a triggering event or behavior. IE: You subscribe to a blog, so you get a blog email. There isn’t a marketer watching to see if you join and firing off emails every time a user joins, it’s automation. (PS: If you are doing it this way, we can save you hours and hours of work very quickly!)

Example of Marketing Automation

We use this automation in nearly all our client’s marketing plans, it’s very useful and is something nearly everyone can benefit from. It is an Opt-In automation that fires off a series of emails based event of a user requesting a resource from our client.

Example Client: Pick a Bloom

Example Automation Behavior: Calculator Use

Here are the steps a user goes through when they fill out a calculator:

  1. Use Calculator & Put Name/Email in the form to get their Calculation
  2. Automation fires an email that gives them the answer to their calculator
  3. 3 Days later an email explaining benefits of Pick a Bloom’s Product Sends
  4. 5 Days later an email showing the cost benefit of their product Sends
  5. 9 Days later an email showing a portfolio of their work Sends
  6. 14 Days later an free consult email Sends
  7. 21 Days later a Turn Your Calculator into a True Quote Sends

Each user who uses the calculator goes through this process and the team at Pick a Bloom doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Advanced Tips for Marketing Automation

That was a simple automation above. Send a series of emails because a user filled a form, easy….

To advance this along, we bring in more tactics and automation to improve upon the simple send. We track the user’s behavior! If a user gets the Free Consult email and opens it/clicks it, they get added to a custom audience list. This allows us to start serving advertisements to those who are TRULY interested in doing business and not just those passing by with a more aggressive advertising strategy.

If the user becomes a client, then they automatically leave this automation, so they don’t get ackward emails about getting a quote when they’ve already paid their deposit….

If the user is someone who already has a quote and they enter this automation, one of the sales reps at Pick a Bloom will get a text/email to let them know their potential client they spoke to is back in the market… very awesome!!

Want more? Give us your business in a comment and we’ll design a simple automation just for you!

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