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Getting your SEO right can be tough enough, but if you are a business that has seen steady growth, it can become even harder. If the number of pages on your site hits a milestone, and your links are now in the thousands, handling your SEO can be like taming a monster.

But only if you let it.   

Steering your SEO positioning needs attention, dedication, and focus.

Enter stage left, enterprise SEO.

So, what’s that all about?

Well, hold on to your backlinks, we’re about to dive deeper.

This won’t hurt a bit.

The Difference Between Regular SEO and Enterprise SEO

The kind of business that may need enterprise SEO might be, but are certainly not limited to, a Fortune 500 company, larger e-commerce sites with more than 10 thousand pages, or a business with several locations and multiple websites.

All SEO has an objective to attract more customers and improve presence, yes, but for a larger company, there is a lot more to consider.

Let’s look at some of the differences.


Enterprise SEO should hit the ball out of the park when compared to regular SEO.

More pages mean better content, attracting more interest. Particular attention will be on the type of content and making it count.

Naturally, a larger operation with multiple locations will be dealing with a larger presence.

What Should I scale up?

As a minimum, ensure you are looking at the following.

    • Social Media

Where is your brand’s social media location? Ask who you are choosing to partner with and why. Decide if it is best to saturate all media outlets or be specific and more intelligent about who is targeted, and where it gets you.

    • First Appearances Matter

How’s your home page? How does it look? How does navigate?  These things are important to lessen frustration among users.

If you need help, ask for it.

    •  Automate Where You Can

 Monthly Rankings. Broken links and analytics on your backlinking. Having a partner that does all the hard work for you is invaluable

Without a degree of up-scaling, any changes may not be entirely visible and probably won’t show any great improvement to a website’s organic reach.

The aim is to go big.


The complex nature of SEO is somewhat less of a burden in smaller organizations. Tracking metrics becomes more pivotal as a business expands. The ability to market your business or products to many locations, even in different languages means tracking your search performance consistently, and with a view to greater insight.

Team Buy-in

Ahhhh. Remember the good old days when you could manage all the work yourself, or at least pass it off to another individual.

Enterprise SEO requires a team approach with each member fully briefed on all interrelated duties.

Improving your website’s discovery and ensuring peak performance, is the backbone for any enterprise SEO team.

Better Backlinking

Did you know up-scaling and backlinking are best friends?

To demonstrate successful presence for medium to large websites equates to a certain level of authority. It’s a sign that you’re doing something right and have made people sit up and take notice.

One of the most beneficial aspects of success is the quality of your backlinks.

What’s Backlinking? 

Consider it a joining of the minds. This method (of which this is merely one) is used to gauge your importance in a search engine’s discerning and all-seeing eyes.

If many pages link to your page, your credibility as a site grows, and therefore your ranking increases. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

Well-known search engines see backlinking as almost a vote of confidence for sites. 

If your pages appear consecutively for designated keywords, your site will soon become the life of the party, therefore attracting more backlinks.

Backlinks are an ongoing commitment. A thriving business must continue to build these links to new pages as they are born.

Not later. Now.

The Long Game

While you will see some smaller efforts produce quick results, generally it pays to have long-term plans.

Sometimes good things take time.

The Benefits of Enterprise SEO

So, what’s in it for you, I hear you say?

You’ll be Better Organized.

Larger websites can become more difficult to handle. Enterprise SEO can keep you on track with all your activities.

Who knows it may even help you clarify your strategies.

Build on Your Authority

If you’re happy with the way things are, that’s great.

Most aren’t.

Build on your existing credibility and create domain authority scores through better optimization.

To become better at something means understanding what it takes to be better. 

So, what’s domain authority? Glad you asked.

Domain authority is basically a metric that determines your site’s ability to rank high on Google. Initially established by analytics company Moz, this metric ultimately scores and describes a site’s level of trustworthiness to search engines.

The way the magic happens is, a search engine will oust sites with a clear difficulty in navigating, incorrect information, be of danger to the user, or just simply a bit too spammy to be legit or worthy of a top placing.

As you can imagine, search engines filter through millions of pages every day with the sole aim of shaking a finger at the bad and letting the good have an All-Access pass.

Why? The aim is to bring the best results for users. 

Remember the word relevance. A search engine looks for the most credible and relevant content and shows the user-specific websites first up on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) who is at the top of their list to answer the user’s search query.

The metrics range from 1 to 100 generally for newer sites, and from 90 to 100 for more established sites with proven past credibility.

It is the role of a business to establish credibility and trustworthiness through current and search-worthy content. 

See why your content is super important. Could yours be better? 

Pinpoint Markets

Having multiple locations or markets allows you to target each one individually. Local markets won’t be swallowed up if you can separate them from others. 

Cater to smaller locations just as you would your international customers.

Remember local searches remain the foundation of your business.

We all started somewhere.

Welcome a New Audience

Making improvements on search rankings leads to new visitors.

It’s all about how you go about optimizing your website.

Web traffic is important. The numbers are a sign of interest, but what’s more interesting is using the data to dive deeper.

How long did they stay? Did the visit lead to a purchase and what percentage?

Everything from “Can I calculate an ROI from our site”, right down to how much it costs per visit can be calculated. 

Economic metrics such as CAC (Cost of Acquiring) and CPA (Cost Per acquisition) are useful for some and may be a starting point for further investigation on an overall dashboard.

Just to Recap – The Top Tips

Just when you thought it was safe. Keep reading.

  • Get real.

If you cannot give this the attention to detail it needs, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Experience counts. Having a clear approach to SEO strategy could be your key to more profitability.

 Don’t go it alone, hire the best.

  •  Resolve any problems immediately. Don’t let them become monsters.
  •  Automate. Time is money.
  •  Prioritize your content.
  •  Don’t forget the “A” word. Audit your SEO thoroughly and analyze the results. Take note of the scaling points above. For a large enterprise, it’s essential.

Know what needs to be done to enhance performance and track your performance diligently.

Standing still will never lead you to where you want to be. Why tread water?

Enterprise SEO offers a chance to improve and grow your organic reach.

When you’re ready contact us for further information on how we can help generate the most traction for your business.

You’re in good hands.

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